What comes after The Social Network?

Leaving the theater, I wanted more.

While hardly an insider, I’ve been to Facebook’s offices a couple of times over the years, and I’ve met some of the people from the film in person. I wanted to know what other people, closer to it, had said about film, Facebook, and what comes next…

Harvard professor and copyright activist Lawrence Lessig writes in his review of the movie for The New Republic that ‘The Social Network’ is wonderful entertainment, but its message is actually kind of evil. Lessig’s writing is more intelligent and almost as entertaining as Sorkin’s. He makes an important point about the true (unsung) hero of this tale.

After one screening of the movie, Silicon Valley insiders engaged in a panel discussion and revealed “That’s Not the Zuckerberg I know” [GigaOm].

Who is Mark Zuckerberg’s Most Valuable Friend? The New York Times reports, “If all of that sounds a bit touchy-feely, well, it is. [She] is known for her interpersonal skills as much as for her sharp intellect. And her regular meetings with the famously introverted Mr. Zuckerberg have helped to keep one of Silicon Valley’s most unusual business partnerships working wonders for Facebook.”

In a fantastic guest post to TechCrunch, Adam Rifkin bets that Facebook will eclipse Google within five years. He shares a similar sentiment to Lessig: the open, democratic Internet is the real hero here. Rifkin goes further in suggesting that the door is still open to unseat Facebook and change the world, and that an entrepreneurial young engineer may yet out-Zuckerberg Zuckerberg.

4 thoughts on “What comes after The Social Network?

  1. A few other good links:

    TechCrunch’s fireside chat with Facebook’s initial VC, Peter Thiel, from last week: http://techcrunch.com/2010/09/27/peter-thiel-drop-out-of-school/

    ValleyWag’s note at the time Saverin’s lawsuit was settled: http://gawker.com/5143256/facebook-founders-settle-their-feud

    Pete Cashmore of Mashable.com on Why Zuckerberg should like the Facebook movie: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/social.media/09/30/facebook.movie.zuckerberg

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