The Tale of Despereaux: World's First Live-Twitter Movie Review?

In the middle of a press screening for the movie The Tale of Despereaux last Saturday morning, Ken Twittered me:

I replied:

dalelarson: @kyeung808 Yes, live tweeted the press screening, but not new. Did something similar in 90s with Star Wars: Episode 1, fax and web. 11:47 AM Dec 13th from Twittelator in reply to kyeung808

In other words, while I was in the theater seeing the movie a week early, I was Twittering whatever lines I found interesting. Ken asked if that was really what I was doing. And what it meant.

I’d done the same thing with an AC/DC concert the week before. Actually, there I tried to work song titles into witty sentences. Last year, I was asked to speak on Twitter to a conference at Stanford after live-tweeting Barry Bond’s record-breaking home run (from the fence, with the Sports Illustrated photographer who captured the moment).

All my unedited Tweets of The Tale of Despereaux are after the jump, and feel free to skip to the end for the actual one-tweet review. Since I’ve done mobile marketing for films from many studios, I have to wonder: what, if anything, does this change about how we share our experiences with each other and what movie marketers may need to consider in the future?

I have a press screening pass for “The Tale of Despereaux” movie for 10am this morning, but not sure I’m going to make it. Mistake? 8:33 AM Dec 13th from web

Made it to Despereaux. Popcorn too salty even for me. 10:08 AM Dec 13th from txt

“what happens when you make something illegal that is just a natural part of the world?” 10:21 AM Dec 13th from txt

“if you know anything about fairy tales, then you know a hero doesn’t appear until the world really needs one” 10:25 AM Dec 13th from txt

Teacher: “it’s dangerous!” Despereaux: “Do you have any more?” I like this mouse already. 10:28 AM Dec 13th from txt

“you can’t learn to be a mouse if you’re not afraid… Sometimes they just need to see an older one do it. No one starts out afraid.” 10:36 AM Dec 13th from txt

“I bet you say that to all the princesses” 10:41 AM Dec 13th from txt

at one time or another, every girl dreams of being a princess… ‘another whole closet just for me knickers.’ 10:48 AM Dec 13th from txt

What do you eat? Crumbs, when I can find them. So, you’re a gentleman, then. 11:00 AM Dec 13th from txt

“What would you do if your own name was a bad word?” 11:08 AM Dec 13th from txt

Finally! It’s raining again. (in the movie. I’m not looking forward to rain in SF again) 11:21 AM Dec 13th from txt

“we’d tell you that they all live happily ever after, but what fun is that?” -ending of Despereaux 11:33 AM Dec 13th from txt

Not as funny or compelling as a Shrek, Despereaux a must-see for the stunning visuals and Sigourney Weaver’s unparalleled narrartion. 11:39 AM Dec 13th from txt

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