Dale Larson talks on his cellular telephone while waiting in line before the initial sale of the Apple iPhone in San Francisco, California June 29, 2007. More than 100 people were lined up on Friday outside the Apple store hours before the iPhone, a combination widescreen iPod, cellphone and pocket Internet device, went on sale at Apple’s 164 stores and nearly 1,800 AT&T stores. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith (UNITED STATES)

I enjoyed spending a day in line to get my iPhone. I was there to see the hype, to investigate the ways this changes everything about mobile going forward, and to see how others are thinking and talking about it. Apparently, some of the press found my image (above is one of many) and views interesting, publishing them in newspapers and websites on every continent (and some radio and TV, too). A few examples below:

Larson looked like he stepped out of one of the office towers nearby, sporting a perfectly creased gray pinstripe suit and working diligently on his Apple laptop. And, perhaps most importantly, Larson said Apple had allowed him to recharge his MacBook Pro three times…

Dale Larson, consultor de negocios de Móviles fue un poco más allá, según publicó Reuters: “Es como una escultura viviente en mis manos”.

OF ALL THE PRAISES heaped on the iPhone last week, one of the most striking came from Dale Larson, a mobile consultant from San Francisco.

In a Reuters article, Larson described it as transcendent and “a living sculpture.” That’s a strange comment, considering it’s just a tool — albeit one with more bells and whistles than the space shuttle.

But in another sense, he’s right. The iPhone is a masterpiece, and Steve Jobs and his team at Apple are artists. As expected, it created tremendous anticipation among the tech elite. But considering who was in the line Friday — a group that included not just Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but teachers and teens — it also appeals to the masses.

周六下午三點左右,美國舊金山苹果專賣店擠滿了iPhone購買者。短短時間內,該店就賣光了售價599美元的iPhone手機,櫃臺上只留下10部售價499美元的款式。其中一位購買用戶Dale Larson說,『iPhone既不像電腦,也不像移動電話,它就像一個我手中活生生的雕刻品。』