Celebrating 15 years on the web (or please excuse the mess)

I registered the domain name for my business and started a web site in 1993. You may take down the dumb “under construction” graphic, but you never stop making changes.

The WayBack Machine only goes back to 1996, so I’m left with only vague memories of just how primitive the first page was.

I sold my original domain name to a startup in 1999 and moved to dalelarson.com where I’ve been ever since.

Until this week, a good friend has hosted my web pages continuously for 15 years. (At some point I gave him a Sun IPC workstation as a form of payment. (I had typeset my first book on that machine.))  Thanks, Mark!

Anyway, it was time to switch things up a bit, and there’s always a bit of extra mess when one moves. Not to mention that thing about the cobbler’s own family. Please excuse the mess while I change servers and domain registrars and make the overdue switch from Blogger to WordPress. And thanks for all the fish.

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