Wii Fit and Guru Meditation

Saw a commercial for the Wii Fit and thought immediately of the Guru Meditation.

(It feels like several lifetimes ago that I was a Software Engineer at Commodore-Amiga. Well before my time that the original Amiga team released the Joyboard controller.)

My recollection of the lore:

  • The controller was produced both to ensure they had some revenues and to provide a “cover” for the top secret system they were working on.
  • A simple Guru Meditation game required you to sit on the controller and balance perfectly. They often did so during long compiles.
  • The system error message with debugging information was named “Guru Meditation” since it would mean fixing code and waiting through another compile.

Googling “Guru Meditation Wii” brought me immediately to the Wikipedia entries for Guru Meditation and the Joyboard, as well as to Ian Bogost’s new Guru Meditation game. (I was lucky enough to have briefly met Iain and enjoyed a group lunch with him at Mobile Persuasion 2007 . His work is amazing.)

UPDATED 9-Jun-08:
OK, now I want a Wii Fit — they did build in a meditation game!

3 thoughts on “Wii Fit and Guru Meditation

  1. Interesting thoughts. I could see a Wii game similar to Wild Divine that could require you to sit for meditation.

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